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Vision Desk Mounted Tablet and Laptop Arm

Vision Desk Mounted Tablet and Laptop Arm

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This laptop and tablet arm can hold devices up to 8kg in weight, is available in white, silver or black and comes with a free UK delivery. It offers an alternative to hunching over your laptop on your desk by raising the screen to a more natural and ergonomic height. Designed for use in conjunction with the Vision desk mounted pole monitor arm. On this page you can either purchase a solitary laptop arm or purchase it with the desk mounted pole that the arm is designed to attach to. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Vision Pole Options
Designed to be used with and attached to the Vision monitor arm, available in our shop here.
Laptop Arm Ergonomics
It is well known that Laptops and Ergonomics don't go hand in hand. A laptop arm raises the height of the screen and helps prevent strain in the upper back and neck caused by hunching.
  • Supports 1 laptop or tablet
  • Adjustable tray featuring a non slip surface
  • 360° rotation around the pole
  • Supports up to 8kg laptops or tablets
  • Manufactured in Sheffield in the UK
  • 40°tilt adjust range
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