Pods, Booths & Acoustic Panels

A selection of acoustic pods, furniture and acoustic solutions perfect for noise reduction and agile working in the office or work environment. We offer both acoustic meeting booths and private pods in an array of vibrant colours with free standing and temporary solutions also available. Our acoustic furniture all includes free UK delivery, for installation information please contact us.

Glass Pods

How Acoustics Work

Acoustic honey pods

Acoustic Honey Pods
phonic 3 seater acoustic pod

Private acoustic seating

Acoustic walls

Acoustic Walls
Phonic acoustic seating

Phonic acoustic seating

Acoustic panels

Acoustic wall hangings
acoustic work pods

Acoustic work booths

Acoustic study booths

acoustic study pods

According to Cornell Universities research on noise in the office workplace and specifically, the effects on the individual, are that a noisy work environment can have several detrimental effects:

  • Decreased productivity, especially for difficult or complex tasks
  • Increased illness
  • Increased hormone levels
  • Stress
  • Lower job satisfaction
  • Lower morale
  • Fatigue
  • Interference with speech

Talk to Bumsonseats about acoustic solutions and and agile meeting spaces for your office.